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    Mark Buckner

    Please read all of these rules on posting on this section and how to do business around here, as we take it very seriously:

    General Rules:

    1. These forums replace the Classifieds section of the Muzzleblast. Like those classifieds, they are for the exclusive use of current members of the Arnold Rifle & Pistol Club. Do not post items for friends, relatives, etc. More importantly, do not share your member login credentials with non-members so that they can view or use these forums. Abuse of this rule may result in disciplinary action. If you have a question in this regard, e-mail:  secretary@arnoldgunclub.org

    2. Posts are limited to firearms, firearms accessories, reloading equipment and supplies and ammunition. Moderators are authorized to immediately remove any thread that pertains to the sale/purchase/trade of unrelated items.

    3. Civility and polite exchanges are expected. Moderators will immediately remove posts that are disrespectful. Please read the section below titled “Respect” for details.

    4. Credit for most of these forum rules goes to Zachary Bauer, founder of the MissouriCarry.com webiste. If you are not already a member of MissouriCarry.com and have any interest at all in concealed carry, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The site is now owned and operated by an ARPC Member, and is a great resource for gun enthusiasts, well beyond the issue of concealed carry.


    1. Post a clear and readable ad. – Use paragraphs, make the ad easy to read. Post pics or post links that will help you best describe your item. Do not use all caps…all caps implies that you are shouting and it makes the ad uncomfortable to read.

    2. Research the item prior to sale – If you do not know what you have for sale, research it. Use the web, Google it, post questions in the weapon forums here. Ask questions and have the answers before you post it and get a dozen calls or e-mails asking about it.

    3. List how you want to be contacted – Let the buyer know before hand that you want to be contacted via e-mail…some do not like to conduct business via phone. Tell them to e-mail you with any questions. Keep the forum clear of questions and such…just post-“e-mail sent”

    4. When a item is sold, mark it “SOLD” and maintain good communication with the buyer. – Too often lack of communication is the reason that a premature complaint is posted. The presumption is that you will meet the buyer at the club (or some other agreed-upon location) for a face-to-face sale. IF for some reason you are shipping the item, It only takes a few minutes to send a e-mail updating the buyer that the item is in route, payment was received, etc. Ship the item with a tracking number.

    5. Create separate listings for each item so that you can mark them each as “SOLD” as they sell to avoid confusion and unwanted phone calls

    6. Post your payment options -Make it clear what you take as payment.

    7. Be honest -Be upfront and forthright about the item you are selling…take pics and post them, or at least be able to send them via e-mail.

    8. Contact Info -Be willing to give out your contact info, home phone, cell…doing that makes a buyer feel better about the deal, and it makes you, the seller, look like a solid seller in the eyes of the buyer. This also helps in sorting out any problems that may crop up.


    1. Ask questions before you buy. – The only dumb question is the one you do not ask. If you are not sure of something…ASK!

    2. Keep all of the payment info. – Whether it’s a Postal Money order, Bank Money Order, personal check, Pay-pal, ect…keep your payment stubs and receipts.

    3. Make sure you know what you are buying is what you really want. – Do your homework…make sure that the item you want IS what you want. Make sure it fits, works or will work.

    4. Be patient. – The seller cannot “beam” the item to you or get it to you over-night – we all lead busy lives.

    5. Be patient when it comes to returning a e-mail. – Just because a seller did not return your e-mail in 2.3 nano seconds, does not mean that the deal has gone south….remember that some people work nights, 12 hour shifts, ect…give them time.

    6. When to send a e-mail asking what is going on? – As a general rule, I give the person 48 hours to return a e-mail, when a deal is being conducted. Then after that I send a e-mail…to each his own on this.

    7. BUYERS – Make sure you have the money in hand before saying “I’ll take it”. We know that things happen that may require you to spend money, but build a safety net so that you can still honor the deal and take care of your problems.

    R E S P E C T

    *Buy / Sell / Trade is here as a PAID benefit for members of ARPC.*

    This means:

    A) Do NOT hijack the seller’s thread by changing topics.

    B) Do NOT clutter it up with unnecessary questions / posts.

    C) Do NOT publicly denigrate the item(s) for sale.

    D) Do NOT publicly “call out” the seller for any reason.

    It is generally considered to be very poor ‘nettiquite to do these things, as it may negatively affect the seller’s ability to sell their item(s). Also, it is often perceived (rightly or wrongly) to be a personal attack on the seller’s integrity / honesty when it appears that a poster is disputing information in the “for sale” post or questioning the value / quality / reliability of the item(s) for sale.

    Feel free to ask questions if you’re interested in an item and need information the seller hasn’t provided. If you’re not interested in buying an item, posting opinions (especially if they are negative) about its quality, reliability, value, visual appeal, etc, are counterproductive to the sale and will not be allowed.

    Legitimate concerns regarding honesty, integrity, safety, accuracy of information, etc, should first be addressed directly to the seller in an e-mail. Be polite and avoid making any accusations. You’re trying to resolve a problem, not start a flame war. Should that fail to resolve the concerns, the please contact the moderators in an e-mail, and provide only factual details about your concerns so we can look into the matter.

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